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I had a few top moments of 202, but I’m going to use this post to only talk about a few.

First up, I want to talk about one of the craziest moments of 2020. I don’t care what anyone says, that entanglement between Jada and August was crazy as hell! I mean you’re not supposed to talk about your sexcapades, but men really aren’t supposed to talk. I tell you, she must have put it on August so much so, he was talking. LOL.

My second moment was a somewhat funny online beef between Saucy Santana and Rolling Ray. These two have been at it for a minute. You may have heard Santana’s viral song “Walk.”

He released the song as a diss to Rolling Ray. Y’all, whats crazier is he released the song on National Disability Day. Why is that important to know? See video below.

These two have beefed for a minute now. Honestly, I have no idea why Ray posted this video giving free promo, but oh well. Not my business, but their back and forth was funny.

My next moment goes to an unimaginable moment. It was the death of Kobe Bryant. It rocked the world to its core I saw emotion from men you normally may not see and that’s ok. It shows the impact he had, especially on men.

My last moment of 2020 was a personal one. In July, I tested positive for COVID. I was working from home, so I was in the house anyway, but it was def hell. I felt horrible, but my main goal was to make sure my children didn’t get sick. They didn’t and that was all that mattered to me. I’m thankful to God because I am a diabetic. COVID has taken a serious toll and I’m glad God saw fit to keep me here.