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The top of the year means GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!  If you have been preparing to hand over your wallet for some Thin Mints, you’re going to have to do things differently this year. The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. announced that this year’s cookie season will be solely online to avoid any spread of Covid-19. In addition to that, the Girl Scouts have also announced a partnership with Grubhub, which means you can get quick delivery of your favorite cookies at home. You can start ordering your Girl Scout Cookies nationwide on their ordering site starting February 1.

Girl Scout Cookies on Grubhub!!  Why wasn’t this a thing before now!  I will not get Girl Scout Cookies delivered.  I will not get Girl Scout Cookies delivered!  (That’s me talking to myself but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get my Girl Scout Cookies delivered.). What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie??  Head on over to my IG page @heymsjessica and let me know.

Girl Scout Cookie Season Is Here And You Can Order Them Through Grubhub