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North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced he is extending the modified stay-at-home order for the state until February 28, to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This includes North Carolina’s mask mandate as well. Along with that extension, the eviction moratorium was extended, as well as the to-go mixed drink order, through March 31.

“I’m announcing that we will extend our Modified Stay at Home Order until February 28, 2021,” Cooper said. “That means the 10 PM curfew is still in place, as are the mask mandate, mass gathering limits, and capacity limits for businesses and retail.”

The Governor said that cases of the coronavirus have stabilized recently, but that is coming from numbers that are already high.

“We are encouraged to see that our COVID numbers have stabilized in recent days, which is good,” Cooper said. “But the reality is that they are still high, and that too many people are still falling seriously ill and dying. The virus is still raging through our communities.”

With the economy still impacted by the virus, Cooper said it was important to help residents by extending the eviction moratorium.

“I’m extending a moratorium on evictions to help people stay in their homes during the pandemic,” Cooper said. “Health experts have shown that keeping people in their homes is an important way to slow the virus. An evictions moratorium is important as we stay under a Modified Stay at Home Order.”

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