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If you’re like a lot of parents across the world, you may not have a babysitter to celebrate this day of love and that’s ok.

There are a few things that you can do that is fun for everyone. First, lets talking about food. Now, there is one restaurant chain that is offering free kids meal on this day, McCalister’s Deli. McCalisters is one of my favorite restaurants. Their spuds are to die for.

The next idea could tie into this free kids meal, but depending upon the weather where you are, it may or may not work. If you have a playground piece in your backyard or a can go to a park, allow the kids to play while the parental enjoy lunch and maybe a glass of wine. Just put your phones down and talk and listen to each other. It will change your communication.

This last idea is fun. Art at home is always fun. If you have a printer, print out some blank paint sheets, head to the store, grab a washable paint kit, and the entire family can paint and have fun. Mommy and Daddy can even sip and paint. Sounds like a good time right? Right! Enjoy!