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LONDON - MARCH 18: An adult Tyrannosaurs Rex robotic dinosaur performs in the O2 arena ahead of the forthcoming European leg of the live show 'Walking With Dinosaurs' on March 18, 2009 in London, England. The live arena show, which has already toured throughout North America, tours the UK from July 2009. The Β£10 million show features 15 mechanical life-sized dinosaurs and is based upon the hit BBC TV series of the same name.

It is still Valentine’s weekend and actual Valentine’s Day. Jurassic Quest is in the Queen City and here is something fun to do with the family, the kids, or your significant other.

Every year, my husband and I would take our kids to the SC State Fair. For the past few years, at one of the entrances, there was an exhibit that was filled with life like dinosaurs. Our youngest really only got to see it once at an age that he knew what dinosaurs were. With Jurassic Quest, its this exhibit, but on steroids and it’s here at the ZMax Dragway.

When we took the kids to the fair, there were only 2-4 dinosaurs at the exhibit. At Jurassic Quest, there are 4 times that many and should be a lot of fun for the kids. If you’re driving a car that seats up to 8 people, the cost is $49 per car. They do not accept cash so it’s probably better to purchase the tickets online. If your vehicle seats 9-15 people, the cost is $80.Β Click here to purchase tickets.