Tipping can be confusing, sit down restaurants are a given, but these days it seems everywhere has that line on your credit card receipt. It can be tough to know when it’s expected or just optional. So what about tipping at a hair salon?

If you’re like me you already pay a lot of money, so is tipping really necessary? And how do you know how much to tip? Does it vary by the type of salon or the service you have done? So many questions but hopefully this will help answer those and others you might be asking.

Should I Tip My Hairdresser?

Short answer yes. According to Cosmopolitan “tipping your hairdresser is a way to show how much you appreciate their services but also the relationship and their time.”

How Much Should I Tip?

Just as in any situation the amount of a tip is completely up to the customer. The standard seems to be around 20% but more is appreciated especially if the stylist goes above a beyond (those heavenly shoulder massages or dealing with your fidgety toddler as an example).

If your stylist is spending several hours on complicated highlights or coloring closer to 25% is recommended.

What If I’m Going To An Informal Shop?

Does this just apply to fancy salons or should you tip even at more casual quick-service places as well? Most of these places will have tip jars out and a few dollars in relation to the price is still the recommended practice.

The Today Show and Oprah also have good info on tipping in this situation and others. So point blank, always be sure you are tipping at a hair salon because it is a service and most salon technicians work off of tips.



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