Davey Bulletin July/Aug 2014: A gingko tree with a tree benefit tag sharing the amount of savings the tree brings to the property

North Carolina Arbor Day on March 19th is a celebration of trees and the wonderful ways in which they beautify and enhance life in the Tar Heel State. From our state tree, the pine tree, to the diverse species that range from the coast to the mountains, trees improve North Carolinians’ quality of life in ways that may surprise you.

“There’s no doubt that trees are beautiful, especially around the state Arbor Day in spring,” says Matt Betz, certified arborist and Assistant District Manager for the Davey Tree Expert Company in Charlotte.  “But what many people may not realize are the numerous financial, wellness, and environmental benefits that trees can add to our lives.”

These benefits include:

  1. A living “power plant.” Trees – especially evergreens – help block wind in winter, lowering heating costs.  And an even cooler fact? The American Power Association estimates that effective landscaping- like the use of deciduous trees – can help reduce a home cooling bill by up to 50% a year!
  2. Helping you breathe easier. USDA Forest Service research reveals that trees save more than 850 lives a year by removing air pollution and that they prevent over 650,000 incidences of acute respiratory symptoms.
  3. Reducing stress. Recent studies in BioScience suggest that individuals living in urban neighborhoods with a sizeable tree canopy suffer less from depression, anxiety, and stress.
  4. Seeing green. Hoping to maximize your home’s selling price? Consider looking beyond kitchen and bathroom remodeling – landscape improvements could have you seeing green! Turf Magazine research suggests that homes with improved landscapes – including large plants and trees – saw home price premiums rise 5-12%.
  5. Benefitting the environment: Trees improve surrounding soil, filtering contaminants that range from sewage and chemicals to animal waste and roadside spills. Trees excel at controlling soil erosion, conserving rainwater after storms, and reducing sediment deposits. (Treehugger)

Adding the benefits of trees to your life can be as simple as taking an afternoon walk down a tree-lined street, or giving the trees in your yard some TLC this spring.  Not sure where to start with your home trees? A certified arborist can provide a consultation to discuss how a well-maintained landscape will pay off for years to come. These “tree doctors” can help your trees look and feel their best, with services that range from pruning to tree health inspections and storm prep.

So this Arbor Day, give your trees the appreciation and care they deserve! Matt Betz and the Davey Tree Expert Company are here to help. To learn more about services click here! Thank you Becky Paxton for this editorial story.

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