HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 05: An Amazon Prime Video billboard near Hollywood & Highland promotes the new Eddie Murphy film, 'Coming 2 America' on March 05, 2021 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

I saw this movie twice and I just think the movie should have been called Coming to America…….30 years later, it wasn’t a bad movie it just should have stood on its own.  This sequel had way too many references to the 1st movie, the guy who played Eddie Murphy’s son did everything Eddie did in the 1st movie just in a modern way.

When I think of a good sequel I think of a movie that stood on it’s own 2 feet, has quotable lines, a good storyline, and good acting.  The story in this movie was ok the acting was NOT GOOD.  I didn’t believe anyone in this movie honestly except for Akeem’s wife Lisa.  For a movie with so many comedians and so much star power I feel like the ball was dropped in creating this project.  There were funny moments in the movie with the barbershop scenes & of course with Randy Watson going back but when a movie is labeled a comedy you want to laugh and I didn’t laugh until I was 30 mins into the movie.

I was shocked that Arsenio lost his African accent and Eddie almost lost it also.  Wesley Snipes did a great job in his role as the antagonist but in a comedic way.

I feel that this movie was rushed because fans had been clamoring for it.  This felt more like a Tyler Perry movie than a classic comedy.  Visually this movie was amazing the outfits were great the setting was immaculate  and the choreography was on point.  Outside of that there was nothing stunning or exceptional about this movie to me.  Eddie Murphy is the comedy GOAT and I feel that he laid an egg with this movie.  I don’t think this is a movie that you will watch 30 years later and laugh as hard as you did when you first saw it.

What did y’all think of the movie?