Coronavirus Information Report

Personally, I don’t have my own dog yet (my bunny is a little spoiled) but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I had some serious thoughts about adopting during this pandemic. It pretty much was the most perfect time to train a new dog. Your home all time and you could keep an eye on your new furry BFF. This past year Americans have adopted 750,000 pets since the start of the pandemic, with the chances of cats being adopted being slightly higher than dogs. explored the topic of cat/dog adoption during the pandemic in a data study. Many turned this sudden abundance of time at home into an opportunity to do some home improvement, while others, likely missing the company of their friends and colleagues, decided to adopt a pet. So how did North Carolina rank? Well, North Carolina adopted more dogs than cats during the pandemic. This officially made North Carolinians “Dog People!”

Overall intake: 47,993
Adoptions: 24,474
Adoption Rate: 51%

More than 55% of cats that were taken in by animal shelters since March 11th, 2021 were adopted, compared to 54% of dogs. The East Coast is mostly a dog domain, except the four states in the Northeastern corner of the nation: Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. That’s where cats were more likely to be adopted versus their canine counterparts.

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