My mother use to always leave the living room TV on (with a timer) for our dog growing up. She felt bad we were at school or work all day so she figured the noise would keep him happy. Many pet owners leave their TV on to keep their beloved animal company when they leave the house, but did you ever wonder what show your dog liked the most?

Well, new research by Wren Kitchens has revealed the TV shows which will captivate and calm your waiting pup the most, with Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian coming out on top. Using special heart rate tracking collars on four different dogs, Wren Kitchens discovered how their heart rates are affected when watching clips of different TV shows, from children’s programs to sitcoms.

Well, guess what? Dogs love The Mandalorian!

It seems it’s not just humans who have a soft spot for baby Yoda – Disney’s Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian reduced the average heart rate across our dogs by 3.75 beats per minute when a two-minute clip of the show was played. This was closely followed by comedy Mr. Bean, and 80s inspired sci-fi drama Stranger Things. A clip from Fox’s TV sitcom Malcolm in the Middle caused an average increase of 38 beats per minute for our dogs, proving it to be the TV show most likely to get your dog feeling restless. So interesting!

The full results can be found below:

Chill ranking TV Show Average Heart Rate Change from base heart rate (BPM)
1 The Mandalorian -3.75
2 Mr. Bean -3.25
3 Stranger Things -2
4 Pink Panther 4.75
5 Friends 7
6 Frasier 7
7 Cheers 8.5
8 Big Bang theory 14.5
9 Malcolm In The Middle 38

To find out more about the data or for further insight click here.

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