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I still can’t believe it…DMX is gone.  X was the soundtrack to my high school years.  My friend Annette has the BIGGEST crush on him.  Me…I loved (love) his music.  ALL OF IT!  I was the friend that could rap every DMX lyric.

Back in high school, my NAACP youth group took a trip to DC to be in the audience for the show “Teen Summit“.   DMX was the musical guest. When the show was over, the producers told us to follow them and they would take us to meet X and get his autograph. We were so excited. We followed the producers and he led us right out of the building and told us we had to leave. We were UPSET!!!  We were standing by the door fussing but they locked the doors and wouldn’t let us in. About 25 teens standing outside. DMX sees us and was like NO! Those are my fans and I wanna meet every single one of them. He made them open the door and signed autographs for all of us. (I was the 1st person in line. Lol).

Fast forward to the 1st CIAA in Charlotte. I got a call telling me to go to the convention center because I needed to interview somebody. (I was still part-time so I immediately hopped up, got dressed, and went to the convention center…always be ready!) I had no idea it was DMX!!! I started telling the Teen Summit story and he cut me off and was like I thought you looked familiar and he proceeded to tell the entire story! I was SHOCKED that he remembered. DMX goes down as one of my FAVORITE interviews!!!

When I heard about DMX’s passing, I went looking for a video from his teen summit appearance, and guess what…I found it!  The quality isn’t the best but if you look hard enough, you can catch a quick glimpse of The Girl Next Door.  And you can CLEARLY see Annette, multiple times. R.I.P DMX.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world!  You will be missed.