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First let me say, yes! You read that right. $1 BILLION BIG THANGS. One billion is a lot of money to sue for, so in my opinion, you better damn well have a good reason right? LOL

Well, according to Gossip In The City, a gentle by the name of Cory Holland Sr. says he has a very good reason as to why he is suing. Yall, he is claiming that the entire storyline of “Power” is about his life. He is claiming right down to actual incidents in the show.

He is saying they are “exact reproductions of his life” according to Gossip In The City. Yall, those are serious accusations. Especially if he’s saying that this story line lead to raids at his house. Now, how in the world that happened because of the show I have no idea. Now, he’s also claiming that he put his story on a cd a few years ago and left it at a youth center.

Honestly, I’m still trying to connect those dots as to how 50 Cent would have gotten a hold of that cd. Are you confused as I am? He claims he is not a crazed fan, but someone who has a valid claim. I guess we shall see.