BOSTON - APRIL 26: The winning board of middle school students Nick Amphlett and John Ezekowitz, both 12-years-old, is shown after their victory at the National School Scrabble Championship April 26, 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts. Amphlett and Ezekowitz, of the Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts competed with more than 200 other middle school students from around the country in the tournament. (Photo by William B. Plowman/Getty Images)

It’s Scrabble day today, April 13th. If you or someone you know loves Scrabble then these are must-have gifts!

  1. The Official Scrabble Dictionary: My parents actually have one of these and while it may feel like cheating if it’s branded by the game then it can’t be right? The dictionary has over 100,000 playable words ranging from 2-8 letters. If you consider yourself a Scrabble pro this is a must-own!
  2. A Scrabble Vintage Book Edition:  If you love board games but don’t have a good place to store them then these vintage book collection board games are for you. They look great on a bookshelf without all the bright colored logos of a typical game.
  3. Scrabble Coasters From Etsy: These are adorable and the perfect home decor item for anyone who loves Scrabble! Some versions are even customizable with the words you choose.
  4. A Personalized Scrabble Mug: This mug makes a great gift and can be personalized as well. So thoughtful!
  5. World’s Smallest Scrabble: Can’t go anywhere without Scrabble? Then this the perfect solution.
  6. Scrabble Letter Board: Take your letter board game to the next level with a Scrabble Letter Board!
  7. A Scrabble Tile Keychain: For a subtle nod to your favorite board game this keychain is perfect. It’s cute, simple, and functional!

Happy Scrabble Day!