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Hester Ford, the oldest living American, has passed away at 116 years old.  (or 115 years old.  According to her family, some documents say she was born in 1905)

Mrs. Ford, who is from Charlotte, NC, was born on August 15, 1904.  Not only did she live through the Covid pandemic, but she also lived through the 1918 influenza pandemic.  When asked what the secret to longevity is, she replied, “I just live right, all I know.”  Last year, Mecklenburg County declared Sept. 1, 2020, as “Mother Hester McCardell Ford Day“.

Mrs. Ford had 12 children, 48 grandchildren, and 108 great-grandchildren.  She passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by her family. RIP Mrs. Ford.

Charlotte’s Hester Ford, Oldest Living American, Has Passed Away