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The Academy Award-winning actress and co-host of 'The View' got into the medical marijuana business in 2008 along with Om Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth.  Their Whoopi & Maya line of bath products, body balms, tinctures and edibles is marketed toward women looking for natural relief of painful menstrual cycles.

Whoopi Goldberg is celebrating the 30th anniversary of her Oscar win by gracing the cover of Variety.  (She won for best supporting actress in “Ghost”.)

In the article Whoopi said she is not ready to leave The View.  “I’m there until I think I can’t do it anymore, but I’m not there yet. As long as they allow me to do both [acting and hosting] I can do it. The minute they say, ‘no, you can’t’ then I have to figure out what to do.”  She is preparing to return to “Star Trek: Picard” as “Guinan” and is reprising her role as “Deloris Van Cartier” in “Sister Act 3” which is going to Disney+.  Tiffany Haddish said in the article the best advice she received from Whoopi is, listen and know your worth and don’t be afraid to say no or walk away.

Check out the magazine cover and some of the photos below.