Nick Cannon was in hot water for a while after he made comments that people deemed as wrong and insensitive which resulted in him parting ways with Viacom and them pulling all episodes of Wild N Out off of tv in the middle of a new season.  He has since then apologized and the show is now back on VH1 every Tuesday at 8pm.  I wouldn’t normally write about something like this but I feel obligated to do so since I am one of the cast members on the show.

Some of you all may look at this post as if I’m bragging when that’s the total opposite.  I’m writing as a proud accomplishment to maybe inspire someone and let them know what hard work gets them.  Some only see the show and think that’s where I started when that is far from the case.  I remember at one point in my life where the only source of income I had while married with 3 children was being a seater at the comedy zone in Charlotte making only $200 per week.  I will never complain about having to do work ever again because I know what it feels like to be at the bottom not ever knowing when you will ever get out of the place that you are in.  Even being at that low point I did my job as if it were the best job in the world because I was around the one thing that I loved doing.

I say all of that to say to you it doesn’t matter where you are because that is not where you’re going to end up and to make sure you watch Wild N Out every Tuesday to support one of your own.

My episode aired this past Tuesday but keep watching.