circa 1950: A bowler from Jamaica High School, New York, about to score a strike by knocking all ten wooden pins down with one roll of the ball. (Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images)

An Illinois man is celebrating after bowling a perfect game under unusual circumstances.  John Hinkle Jr. honored the memory of his father earlier this month, by getting a perfect score. He bowled that perfect score while using a bowling ball that contained his father’s ashes.

Hinkle Jr. posted a video of the feat on social media and wrote, “He (John Hinkle Sr.) never had a perfect game until NOW.”

According to CNN Hinkle’s entire family, including his late father, are avid bowlers. He began bowling at the age of five. “I was shaking, I had tears in my eyes the last couple of balls,” the 38-year-old said. “I just knew what it meant to my dad and my brother to do this.”

Hinkle’s father passed away in 2016. He first came up with the idea to bowl with his father’s ashes in 2017. He spent over a year finding a way to make that possible. Luckily for him, a family friend was able to seal the ashes in the thumb hole.

Stories like this just melt my heart, I know that his father was there with him and couldn’t have been prouder of this accomplishment.

What is the coolest way you can think of to honor someone you have lost?