Ashley Dever, a sophomore at Barry University, receives a Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine at the Jackson Memorial Hospital on April 15, 2021 in Miami, Florida. Jackson Memorial Hospital began a vaccination initiative with all the colleges/universities in Miami-Dade County, in which all students will be able to get the vaccine, as long as they show a valid student ID and a license. Universities and colleges across the country will be deciding if they will mandate students returning to campus be vaccinated.

You can’t go more than a couple of hours without hearing about COVID-19 Vaccines. And for good reason. The White House says 100 million Americans are now fully vaccinated.

On Friday, coronavirus response director Jeff Zients said those Americans have “a sense of relief and peace of mind, knowing that after a long and hard year, they’re protected from the virus”.

He also reminded those who have been vaccinated that CDC guidance now allows them to be outside without a mask.

The White House will now focus on expanding vaccine availability further for those who haven’t been able to get their shot yet. The three goals for the next 100 days: increasing accessibility, combating misinformation, and assisting those without the resources to get vaccinated.

Approximately 237 million shots of the three Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in the US as of Friday morning, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The Biden administration’s initial goal of 100 million doses in 100 days was doubled and surpassed. The 200 million mark was reached on April 21.
Every American over 16 is currently eligible to receive the vaccine with trials currently underway for those 12-15. Biden expects there will be vaccines available for every eligible adult by the end of May.
Vaccines are readily available to those who want them in the Charlotte area. Most sites are now offering walk-ins for vaccines. Also, several mass vaccination sites including Bojangles Coliseum are scheduled to shut down in the coming weeks.