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QINGDAO, CHINA - AUGUST 23: (CHINA OUT) A Chinese submarine launches a missile in an offshore blockade exercise during the third phase of the Sino-Russian "Peace Mission 2005" joint military exercise, held August 23, 2005 near China's Shandong Peninsula. More than 7,000 Chinese troops and 1,800 Russians with military vessels, fighter jets and amphibious tanks took part in the live ammunition combat practice, according to state media. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

I have always been intrigued by NASA and just space. I remember one vacation, we took our kids to visit the NASA space center and it was beyond cool!

I also remember watching Hidden Figures for the first time and thinking how great that movie was watching Black women being so needed to put things into space. I remember them working on exact calculations to determine the “go no go” location for reentry into earth’s atmosphere. So, when I saw this uncontrolled reentry, I couldn’t help but think how scary that is. Scary to not know when and where something will reenter earth’s atmosphere is not only scary, it’s dangerous. Checkout the details of this scary event.