We have been hearing a lot about wages lately. Between bonuses for frontline workers, talks of raising the federal minimum wage, and unemployment money it’s been a hot topic. Now gas station and convenience store chain Sheetz employees are getting a big raise. Sheetz is increasing wages by $2 per hour for employees.

Today, Sheetz announced that it will implement a permanent $2 an hour wage increase for all 18,000 store employees. The increase goes into effect on May 21. There will also be a  “summer stimulus program” with a temporary $1 an hour wage increase.

The $12-million summer stimulus program will run from May 21 to Sept. 23. Sheetz also increased wages up to $2 an hour in February.

“To attract and retain top talent, we know we need to continue to invest in our employees,” said Travis Sheetz, president and COO of Sheetz. “That investment includes more than just competitive wages. We provide career growth opportunities and a clear path to promotion so life at Sheetz can be not just a job, but a career.”

Sheetz has over 621 locations on the East Coast many of which are in North Carolina.

Company-wide they are looking to hire more than 2,000 additional employees. With the summer bonus and additional $2 an hour this is a great career opportunity for anyone looking for a job.

For more information, visit Sheetz.com.