Sign up for gas station loyalty programs: 44% percent of drivers do not belong to any gas station loyalty program, a similar percentage compared to 2019 (43%) and 2018 (45%).

It’s frustrating out there trying to find gas and tensions are running high. That however does not justify fighting or any bad behavior. It definitely doesn’t justify at fight at the gas pump.

One Knightdale, NC man witnessed things get a little out of hand at a Marathon gas station.

According to the man, he was waiting in line for gas when he witnessed a fight break out at a pump.

The fight happened around 2 p.m. when a woman in a white sedan tried to cut the long line. When no one would let her in, the woman ran into a gray Honda that was at one of the pumps.

After the woman crashed into the man’s car, the woman got out and spit on the man while yelling. The man then proceeded to get out and return the favor by spitting on him. Then the fight began and it lasted until police arrived.
If it even needs to be said this is exactly how not to handle getting gas. No good will come of this situation, and something tells me that woman still doesn’t have any gas in her car. While it can be extremely frustrating waiting in long lines everyone is feeling the same strain. Show some grace and respect to your fellow drivers during this trying time.

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