If you haven’t been to the North Carolina Zoo it’s a great day trip to take. Recently the North Carolina Zoo welcomed 12 adorable endangered red wolf pups over the course of three days. These pups are several of just a few American Red Wolves left in the world. American Red Wolves are the most endangered canine in the world. There are only 15-20 remaining in the wild. The wild wolves live in Eastern North Carolina so it’s fitting that this is a priority for the NC Zoo.

The Zoo is proud to participate in the American Red Wolf Recovery Program . The program has wild wolves wearing tracking devices to protect and track them. This is all part of extensive efforts to keep the breed alive. The newest pups born bring the total of red wolves in the NC Zoo breeding program to 36. This is the second-largest pack in the United States. All the pups and their mothers are healthy and doing well following birth.

Find out how to “adopt” these pups and support the breeding program.

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