Today is national streaming day and the pandemic had us all being watching new shows and old favorites. A new study by ElectricalDirect has revealed the most popular streaming services around the world.

The study analyzed Google search volumes for 42 different streaming services in every country to determine the most popular streaming services in the world. So what does this look like broken down by state?

The research reveals Amazon Prime takes the US title. With a huge 24.9 million monthly searches in the States, Prime is in pole position by some way.

A few million behind, Netflix has to settle for second with 20.4 million searches, while it’s ESPN who complete the top three. The sports specialist sees 16.6 million searches every month, with the drama of a different kind seeing fans flock in their droves.

The US top 10 streaming services: 

Streaming Service
US Search Volume (annual)
Amazon Prime 298,800,000
Netflix 244,800,000
ESPN 199,200,000
Hulu 89,760,000
Disney+ 73,440,000
Apple TV 14,640,000
Sling TV 14,640,000
Peacock 12,000,000
HBO Max 9,876,000
Fubo TV 6,600,000

Favorite by state:

State Most popular platform
Alabama Netflix
Alaska Netflix
Arizona Amazon Prime
Arkansas Amazon Prime
California Netflix
Colorado Amazon Prime
Connecticut Netflix
Delaware Amazon Prime
Florida ESPN
Georgia Amazon Prime
Hawaii Amazon Prime
Idaho Amazon Prime
Illinois Netflix
Indiana Amazon Prime
Iowa Amazon Prime
Kansas ESPN
Kentucky ESPN
Louisiana Amazon Prime
Maine Amazon Prime
Maryland Amazon Prime
Massachusetts Hulu
Michigan Amazon Prime
Minnesota Amazon Prime
Mississippi Amazon Prime
Missouri ESPN
Montana Hulu
Nebraska Amazon Prime
Nevada Amazon Prime
New Hampshire Amazon Prime
New Jersey Amazon Prime
New Mexico Amazon Prime
New York Amazon Prime
North Carolina Amazon Prime
North Dakota Amazon Prime
Ohio Amazon Prime
Oklahoma Amazon Prime
Oregon Amazon Prime
Pennsylvania Amazon Prime
Rhode Island Amazon Prime
South Carolina Amazon Prime
South Dakota Amazon Prime
Tennessee Amazon Prime
Texas Amazon Prime
Utah Netflix
Vermont Amazon Prime
Virginia ESPN
Washington Amazon Prime
West Virginia Amazon Prime
Wisconsin Amazon Prime
Wyoming Amazon Prime

Out of all streaming services analyzed, Peacock, the US-based streaming service has seen the biggest growth in year-on-year interest. Offering content from multiple NBCUniversal channels, Peacock burst onto the scene in July 2020 and has seen a 90% increase in people searching for it year on year.

Although it is exclusively available in the US, it’s expected that the service will become available in the UK soon with NBC previously stating that Peacock might be available for Sky customers.

Even prior to the pandemic Netflix, the original service, dominated the market. But with all services have seen a boost in the last 12 months, this may change, especially due to the arrival of Disney+. The Walt Disney Company has made no secret of their desire to take over a share in the streaming market, and as part of their strategy have announced 22 Marvel and Star Wars projects within the next year, in a bid to steal the crown. You can see all the research below.

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