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Now that the mask mandate has been lifted, now what? Will you toss your mask, or will you continue to wear it? When I heard that the mask mandate had been lifted, I didn’t get excited or celebrate that there was no longer a mask mandate in effect. I immediately knew that I would continue to wear my mask for my own safety, but I did not think about the children, the ones too young to get vaccinated until I came across an article posted on the CNN website.

This article with bold text read “For The Sake of Children, Keep Wearing your Masks”. It never crossed my mind that the children are now put at a greater risk than before. With everyone wearing masks, they were safer from all of us germ spreading adults. Without the mask mandate, they are now put at a much greater risk for contracting COVID because they are too young to get the vaccine. It seems as if not enough thought was put into the decision to lift the mask mandate (this is my opinion).
It was suggested in this article that, in order to keep children safe, that public policy should require both masks and social distancing for individuals such as teachers and caregivers who interact with unvaccinated children. I couldn’t agree more, most of us (me included) didn’t stop to think about the children and their safety. We know that masking and physical distancing reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. We also know vaccines reduce both infections and death. So, please continue to do what’s right especially where our children are concerned. We’ve worn masks and social distanced this long, we can continue a little while longer until this is all sorted out.

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