I’m no stranger to color. I always say I don’t do neutral. But even this might be too much even for me. If you’ve driven down Independence Blvd lately you may have noticed the Bojangles- it’s BRIGHT yellow. And just like you’d expect this Yellow Bojangles has got people talking. Including the City of Charlotte.

The restaurant was designed to look like a “Bo Box” and it definitely does. The entire restaurant exterior- doors, windows, and building- is covered in yellow vinyl. The only non-yellow part? The giant Bojangles logo. While customer reviews are mixed, the city says it’s not ok. But it’s not the color they aren’t ok with. It’s the signage. Per city ordinance, a sign can only cover 25% of window space and 10% of wall space. They have given Bojangles 3 weeks to enough of the signage to be in compliance with the ordinance. A rep for Bojangles told WBTV News they are in the process of removing it and that it will be gone by the end of May. So grab your family and fight some Independence Blvd traffic soon if you want to see it!