Photo by Pixabay

A boy finds $5,000 while cleaning the family car. A 9-year-old Indiana boy made quite the find while cleaning out the family car – $5,000 in cash. 9-year-old Landon Melvin had been given the chore of cleaning out the SUV his family bought in September.  He found a package under the floorboards with $5,000 cash inside. He did the right thing and let his parents know, who told the previous owners. The money belonged to them. They were so thrilled to get the money back they offered Landon $1,000 as a reward. Now Landon is “thinking and thinking of all the stuff I could buy” – and says he’ll never complain about cleaning out the car again. I feel rich when I find a $5 bill in a pocket I forgot about. $5,000 would be incredible!