Everyone’s routines have changed a lot over the past year. And that includes fitness routines. Many people have been working out from home instead of going to the gym. And that can include purchasing expensive equipment. Most people did just that when the shutdowns began last year- with most retailers being sold out of weights and other items. I know I’ve got a basket of weights, yoga blocks, and more that I purchased this past year- and should have used more than I have. Well Halo Top wants to help with those expenses. Just in time for Memorial Day, the unofficial kick-off to ice cream season, Halo Top is making a generous offer to be fans’ 50% Less Sugar Daddy.

Halo Top has some “sugar” of its own to spare, so they are giving 1,000 fans 50% cashback on a recent fitness splurge. For a total of $50,000! That just might be the best kind of Sugar Daddy. This sweet arrangement is in honor of new Fruit Pops, which are made with 50% less sugar than other frozen fruit bars.

If you want to participate in this “sweet” deal, submit a receipt from a recent fitness splurge at HaloTopSugarDaddy.com. You can submit now through June 1st for a chance to win 50% cashback, or up to $50. Qualifying purchases can be anything that from weights to goat yoga or even a new pair of running shoes. Click here for full program details and Official Rules.