I love a good pool day, whether it’s an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, a rooftop pool, or just a run-of-the-mill backyard pool. But this pool is unlike any I’ve seen or even dreamt of. Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. with international property developers Ecoworld Ballymore Group, has announced the unveiling of the world’s first “floating” swimming pool. That’s right a floating pool. The first of its kind engineering marvel spans 82 feet across two buildings and is 115 feet in the air. So you can see right below you the entire time. The pool is made of one, solid, 14-inch-thick piece of acrylic and completely transparent polymer. It was engineered and manufactured in a small Colorado town called Grand Junction.

The pool is located in London at the Embassy Gardens apartment complex. Unfortunately, it is exclusively for residents and their guests at this time.

Paul O. Gardner, Vice President of Engineering, Quality, & Safety at Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. says that the “finished project is unexplainable without seeing it. Words can’t adequately describe the finished product; it must be witnessed.”

So how did this acrylic manufactured in Colorado get all the way to London? The structure weighs 122,000 lbs so the task was far from easy. It involved police escorts, road closures, and the removal of traffic lights and street signs. The journey ended with a full-day road closure of Nine Elms Lane which runs next to the River Thames in London, as the pool was transported via water.

In photos and real life, the design appears simple, which was the intent. It however is anything but. The structure has to hold the weight and pressure of all the water, as well as exposure from the elements. The project from start to finish took 4 years to complete ending with the one-of-a-kind world’s first floating pool.

More details here – https://www.reynoldspolymer.com/projects/embassy-gardens-sky-pool/