Starbucks: You can order ahead and pay on the app, plus your drink will be ready when you arrive so less time waiting around and more time social distancing.

A Starbucks Barista admits to giving customers decaf because he “felt like it”. Picture this you head to Starbucks to get your morning caffeine. Like millions of Americans, you need that energy to jump-start your day. But it just doesn’t seem to have the right impact that day. What if they accidentally or even purposefully gave you decaf? Well, a former barista has gone viral on TikTok for doing just that. The user “dolltin” has gone viral after posting a video admitting that he would “decaf” customers when he “felt like it.”

His video (which has since been made private) racked up over two million views and has understandably made a lot of people angry. It was posted as a response to another video where she admitted to giving decaf to customers who were rude. Dolltin’s response said that the statement was “100% true”. He also said he would do it to people who pronounced “croissant” with a French accent.

The good news is dolltin hasn’t worked at Starbucks in about 5 years. He definitely is taking heat for his statement though, and for good reason. Starbucks is not cheap and deliberately giving people the wrong thing is awful. One user commented, “Just do your job bro” and another said “sounds like you shouldn’t have had your job”. To which I agree. These comments led to several follow-up videos where he fiercely defended himself. A few users defended him but the overwhelming majority disagreed with his course of action.

In his third video on the topic dolltin went on to say ” “I wouldn’t decaf just anybody. Yeah, I would do it randomly if I could tell you were (edited)… but if you are a genuinely nice person and you come into a restaurant, any establishment, Starbucks included, you have nothing to worry about — you’re going to get what you asked for because you’re a nice person.”

As someone who has worked in customer-facing jobs, I know that the public can be beyond rude and entitled. But this approach just isn’t it. Let’s all take it back to elementary school and treat people the way we want to be treated and hope some of that kindness rubs off.

I may also be taking a closer look the next time I’m waiting on a coffee.