Afternoon Vibes with Ms. Jessica

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Ms. Jessica and her best friend, Keesha

Today is National Best Friends Day!  It’s a day to express your love and appreciation for your bestie.  But where did the day come from??

It is believed that the holiday was first celebrated in the US in 1935.  People would meet up with their friends for a full day of celebration.  Today, we are still celebrating, but mostly on social media.

So, today I want to celebrate my best friend Keesha.  You have probably heard me talk about her on the radio.  We met in elementary school when we both modeled for a local designer in Virginia Beach.  However, it wasn’t until middle school when the “friend” title officially changed to “besties”!  Keesha and I have been through almost everything together.  Birthdays, graduations, weddings, divorces, traveling, tattoos, college, pledging our sorority (Delta Sigma Theta).  We are aunts, sisters, friends and daughters to others.  But we are “besties” to each other and no one else can carry that title.

HAPPY BEST FRIEND DAY KEESHA!  I love you to the moon and back!  Who is your best friend?  Don’t forget to send them some extra love today!