Just think about the feeling you get when you say awe. Maybe you are looking at a cute puppy or a marvelous wonder of the world. According to USA Today, the emotion of “awe” has been proven to make us happier, healthier, and humbler.

Researchers say awe has a wide range of emotional, social, and physiological health benefits. Awe is shown to make us more satisfied and contribute to greater life satisfaction, to make us care more about other people, and to increase our humility.

Research has shown awe can make us think more critically, expand our perception of time and lead to less materialism. Anderson has done work showing awe can help at-risk populations, including youth from underserved communities and military veterans, cope with PTSD symptoms and stress.

Experts say developing positive emotions is as important as learning to cope with negative ones. We work through the bad when we know how to accept the good. “While some positive emotions get a lot of attention – most people understand they need joy in their lives, and that gratitude has numerous benefits – awe is often thought of as a bonus, rather than something important for well-being.” Personally, I think this is just awe-some and I can’t wait to expand my mind and experience more awe’s.

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