Your Starbucks drink could be made with Smuckers Syrup. Of course, sometimes your Starbucks drink tastes a little different depending on who makes it. But typically it’s at least made with consistent ingredients. But now some Starbucks locations are facing shortages of various ingredients. And a few Starbucks baristas are sharing details via TikTok. One barista shared a video using Smuckers caramel syrup as a substitute for a Starbucks branded syrup that was out of stock.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Hopefully, it’s being disclosed you don’t order and get Smuckers as a surprise. Carmel syrup is far from the only things Starbucks is out of as well. The list is almost longer than what they have. One employee took to TikTok to list what they are out of. It included everything from guava, to drink stoppers, chai, sandwiches, vanilla sweet cream, and more. Not cool Starbucks, not cool!


A few baristas are posting videos of themselves at work talking about the shortage of vanilla sweetener and oat milk.

Do you think you could tell the difference if your Starbucks drink was made with Smuckers syrup? I’m not 100% I would have known beforehand but now subconsciously I think I’d be able to tell the difference.