A nagging problem for one area high school has got the attention of the local NAACP.-

Student-athletes at Harding University High School have been complaining for years about sub-par facilities at the school, specifically, the running track.

Some call it dangerous and want the problems fixed. Now, a plan is in the works to make that happen.

Harding University High School is famous for producing elite athletes, just ask anybody who has ever had to compete with them here.

The problem isn’t their running ability, it’s what they’re running on.

“We got top athletes out here and we deserve it,” one runner said. Patches of the track missing or worn away.

The culprit was poor drainage causing the running surface to bubble up and split apart. It was repaired, but the track coach says it didn’t fix the problem.

“Now, it’s like you’re running, and you’re getting speed and you may collapse in it because it’s so soft, that it doesn’t match the regular surface of the track,” said the track coach.

The local chapter of the NAACP stepped in to act as advocates for the school, having meetings with Commissioners and school board members and was able to open the purse strings.

“We believed everyone concerned had a responsibility to keep all of our children safe specifically our black and brown children,” said Corine Mack with the NAACP.

The cost to replace the track is upwards of ninety-thousand dollars.

There will also be a school beautification program to give Harding a pretty detailed makeover.

“When you think about school equity, not only do you have to think about the academic funding, but you also have to think about money-wise. Where are our dollars going?” said Annette Albright with the NAACP.

Officials say it could take six months to dig up and surface a new track.