It’s one of the most common thoughts a pet owner has. What do my dogs do when they are home alone? Do they just sleep all day? What about playing?

Well, a new study by Compare the Market reveals the rooms of the home where dogs feel the most, and least settled based on their heart rates. But that’s not all, they also captured behind-the-scenes footage showcasing the mischievous things dogs get up to while home alone, which is why it’s important to leave them in a room where they feel the most comfortable.

As we all transition to busier lives, not working from home as often, and spending more time away, pets can be in for a tough transition. Especially pandemic pets who may never have been left home alone for extended periods of time. In fact, the study revealed 1/3 of dogs will now be left home alone. So where should you leave your beloved friend?

Using heart rate monitors the study was carried out using five different dog breeds, in order to find which locations make them feel the most at ease when home alone. The research revealed that dogs’ average heart rates were lowest in the kitchen/dining room followed by the living room making these the ideal place to leave your furry friend. The dogs were the most distressed when left in the bedroom and the porch so avoid those if at all possible. Why is this? Well, the researchers hypothesize that dogs associate both the kitchen and living room as areas with positive outcomes. I.e. they eat their meals in the kitchen, and the living room is a space for dogs to spend time with their owners and where they enjoy playing.

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