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Willy J // Power 98

People have been wondering why Nick Cannon keeps getting pregnant by all these women. It has been speculated it’s because he is going to die soon. This might sound crazy, but could it be true? Comedian Lil Duval even made a joke saying” Nick Cannon Keeps getting all these women pregnant like he’s about to die.” It appears to be more factual than we had originally thought.

Well, an old radio interview just resurfaced of Nick Cannon saying he is going to live his life to the fullest because “he is going to die sooner than most.” In this interview, he didn’t go into detail about his health, he really only spoke about blood clots and running out of time. He talks about not fearing death and said, “he will die sooner than most people.” He is living his life right but it is very creepy how he hints that his death is going to be very soon.

Hopefully, Nick Cannon is in good health. He played in our celebrity basketball game at Power 98 and he was great. He also came to a Power 98 Block Party. We all need to keep Nick in our prayers and hope he is alright.

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