Ever wonder where you work in North Carolina makes a difference in what amount you take home? A list of Noth Carolina residents earning the most money has been compiled by the financial outlet SmartAsset. In this list, they found the places in North Carolina where residents earn the most money.

The study analyzes data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Five-Year American Community Survey to identify the counties with the highest earners. The rankings are a contributing factor in an overarching study on the places with the most purchasing power.

For a look at how the leading counties in North Carolina compared, check out the table below:

Rank County, State Cost of Living Median Income Median Income Index
1 Wake, NC $46,205 $80,591 48.92
2 Union, NC $46,688 $80,033 48.45
3 Orange, NC $43,784 $71,723 41.57
4 Currituck, NC $43,047 $69,964 40.12
5 Cabarrus, NC $40,999 $67,328 37.94
6 Chatham, NC $41,220 $67,031 37.69
7 Mecklenburg, NC $41,401 $66,641 37.37
8 Camden, NC $43,473 $64,572 35.65
9 Durham, NC $39,835 $60,958 32.66
10 Iredell, NC $39,490 $60,955 32.66

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