Senate Bill 711, also known as the North Carolina Compassionate Care Act, passed the senate judiciary committee of the North Carolina General Assembly on Wednesday.  If signed into law this bill could allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes only.

I understand why certain things take so long but EVERYONE sees how marijuana helps people with pain and medical issues.  There are a total of 36 states that have legalized marijuana for some type of fashion and 18 states that have legalized it for recreational use.  We have to get away from the mindset that tradition is right.  There are some reps in NC who still believe that marijuana should not be used for recreational purposes.  All of the research and analytics have shown that weed has far less effects than any other legal over the counter prescription drug.

Some people even use the excuse because we’re in the Bible Belt that’s why they haven’t legalized it for recreational use here but that’s one of the dumbest reasons I’ve ever heard of. Since this is a country founded on money then those who feel that way should understand that times change and you should learn to adapt.  The economic growth from legalizing marijuana will help any state tremendously.

I hope this a stepping stone in the right direction where it finally legalized her for recreational use.