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If you knew a movie was going to be bad would you watch it? If you’re like me and would rather not waste your time on a subpar flick then this is for you. People are sharing tell tale signs they know a movie is going to be bad. Buzzfeed recently had people share how they have learned to tell when a movie is not going to live up to expectations, and some of the answers are quite entertaining.  One person wrote, “If there are multiple trailers for a comedy movie, but they use the same joke in all of them.” I completely agree, and there is nothing worse than finding out that the jokes in the trailers were the best jokes in a movie.

“When the commercials all have one or two-word reviews.” “If it opens with a narration starting with, ‘I know what you’re thinking…’ it just screams desperation from a crowded writer’s room,” one person also said.

Some other classic signs: 

“Also when the trailer gives away the twist or climax of the movie. Remember that Terminator movie where they reveal **** was a terminator in the trailer? That’s when I knew I wasn’t gonna watch it.”

“If it’s being released in January. That isn’t the case every time, just most of the time. January is basically the cinematic dumping ground month.”-If it didn’t make the holiday release cut, there is probably a reason. 

“If it’s from the studio that brought you insert decent movie here. Dreamworks still milks Shrek.

“When they hype the movie’s soundtrack more than the film itself. For example, Suicide Squad.“- This one I agree with, or if they use a very popular song in the trailer and it’s not even in the movie.

What are your tell tale signs to know that a movie will be bad?

Source and the full list can be found here