Keep it classic and classy baby. The single-lip kiss is a distant relative of the peck. Single-lip kissing is when two people share a kiss around only one lip at a time. A kiss in this pattern is more intimate than a peck because both partners choose to focus their attention on a specific area of the other's mouth.

Pucker up baby, it’s the international kissing day and we’ve got 8 ways to kiss. Tuesday, July 6th is international kissing day and there are so many types of kisses. There are ones for greetings and ones filled with passion. Each of us remembers the first kiss we ever shared and the last goodbye kiss. There are even kissing competitions and songs dedicated to the perfect kiss.

It is believed that kissing contributes to social bonding and is celebrated today, no matter how you feel about them. Fun fact, the word kiss actually derived from the Old English word “cyssan,” which itself came from the proto-Germanic word “kussijanan” or “kuss.” This word probably comes from the sound that kissing can make. It is recorded in the four Vedic Sanskrit texts as early as 1500 BCE that kissing was first mentioned. This just shows the act of kissing is truly timeless. Pretty cool!

To observe international kissing day, we compiled a list of 8 different ways to kiss. If you have a partner, start the day by giving them a kiss. If you have a pet, give them a big hug and a kiss on the head! A kiss is a beautiful form of expression of love that is sure to put a smile on one’s face. Kissing can also burn some calories and reduce some stress, so have some fun. If kissing isn’t your thing, then just turn up your radio and listen to Charlotte’s Kiss 95.1 and spend the day eating Hershey’s Kisses. That sounds like pure joy to me.

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