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Before running to the claim center to claim your prize, you need to sign the back of your original ticket. A lottery ticket is a bearer instrument until signed. The ticket, not the play slip, is required for all claims, so don’t forget it. Also, for prizes of $600 or more, you will need fill out the NCEL Winner Claim Form to claim $600 or more  along with photo ID verifying name, signature and age and your Social Security card.

We’re just  happy for the nearly Carolina Pick 3 North Carolina lottery winners! Imagine purchasing a lottery ticket and watching the numbers being called on a 3.6 million jackpot ticket and all your numbers matching! Your heart starts racing because you think you’ve won lots of money only to find that you won along with 10,000 other winners. The Charlotte observer reported that 9,307 players won the Carolina Pick 3 on Friday, July 9th. The winning numbers that nearly 10,000 people picked were 0-0-0. These winners all beat the 1 in 1000 odds of winning.

The prizes will vary depending on how much money each player paid for their ticket. Players who paid 50 cents for their ticket will take home a whopping $250 before taxes and players who paid $1.00 for their ticket will get the top prize of $500 also before taxes. Players have six months to claim their lottery winnings.

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