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It’s a tale of two cities and what connects them.  In this case, it’s a 200 mph bullet train.

Plans are in the works right now to bridge Charlotte and Atlanta together using a high-speed rail.

The Georgia Department of Transportation just completed an environmental study and is headed on to the next phase of the project. Riding the rails is a staple of our modern-day transportation system, albeit not a fast one.

“Because AMTRAK is kinda slow compared to driving,” Shannon Grew said.

But any way you go, heading to Atlanta can be a haul. But any way you go, heading to Atlanta can be a haul.

“About three hours if there’s no traffic, two-and-a-half if I can speed,”  said James Easel.  Imagine cutting that time in half, without the hassle of being behind the wheel.

The Georgia Department of Transportation just wrapped up an important environmental study, aimed at building the infrastructure to run a bullet train from Charlotte to Atlanta. If it delivers on its promise this train should ferry passengers at around 200 mph and take them from one city to the other in two hours.

The project doesn’t have any flowery names just yet, it’s just called the preferred corridor.

This 274-mile route will begin at Heartsfield Airport, cut through South Carolina and come into Douglas International.

There may also be plans to take the line all the way up to Washington DC.  “Could be something really nice to tie the two big cities together,” Tim Mitchell said.

The next phase will allow the public to look over the plan and ask questions they may have.