Pour in one shot of Cinnamon Vodka

My wife was told her favorite cocktail was “temporarily unavailable” at a restaurant the other night. If you’ve been to an ABC store recently, you might have noticed empty shelves. All because North Carolina is dealing with a liquor shortage!

Your own personal bar might be feeling the effects, but it’s the restaurant and bar owners who are really struggling with the low supply.

Bar and restaurant owners are dealing with this craze right now, after a year of terrible sales do to covid!

Vodka, rum, and bourbon are the hardest hit items.

The main reason experts give is a truck driver shortage. Fewer working truck drivers equals less product gets delivered to distribution centers and that’s why we have been hearing about supply chain issues for everything from laundry detergent to liquor.

Bars across Charlotte are feeling the effects.

So when will this shortage come to an end? It just depends on the supply chain getting back on track!

In the meantime I’ll jump across the SC border to score some liquor haha.