There is something going on in Raleigh. First, a zebra cobra escapes, then wolf-dog hybrids escape, a bear climbed a tree just weeks after another bear was spotted at a shopping center, and now some more crazy animal news. But this time it’s better and way less dangerous news! A rare albino deer has been spotted in a North Raleigh neighborhood. Albino deer are rare, with only 1 in 30,000 being albino. This, however, is not the first sighting in the area. Two were spotted in Wake Forest in December as well as one nearby Holly Springs. Albino deer have a completely white hyde with a pink nose, hooves, and eyes.

Compared to the previous week’s animal news the white deer feels like a breath of fresh air to hear about. Though will all these animal sightings maybe the NC Zoo should consider a location in our state’s capital as well. The video of the deer was sent to Raleigh news station WRAL  in the background of the video you can hear a child asking if it’s “Santa’s deer”. I can only imagine the beauty of seeing one of these creatures, especially in the snow.

Missed the rest of the crazy Raleigh animal news? Here’s everything you need to know.

A venomous zebra cobra got loose from a home in Raleigh, and the story was national news. The snake was finally captured and owners are facing 40+ charges involving housing venomous reptiles and failure to report the escaped cobra. The snake apparently had been gone since November and wasn’t reported until it showed up on a neighbors porch.  A baby bear was found sleeping in a tree outside Rex Hospital in Raleigh. It finally came down thanks to some jelly donuts. A pack of Wolf-German Shepherd dog hybrids escaped from their home in Orange County. The animals have yet to be found.

Albino Deer Photos