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Need something unique and different to do for the entire family this summer? Some folks are saying the ultimate experience is seeing Sea Monster Cove where you’ll be guided through a quick history of Maug, a remote island located in the Northern Marianas to see a 380 million-year-old aquifer filled with the most terrifying sea creatures that ever lived.

The multi-media entertainment platform is where members become part of a giant shark and prehistoric sea monster adventure that was created and written by Steve Alten, best-selling author of The MEG. The experience includes state-of-the-art aquarium habitats housing those scary sea creatures and prehistoric sharks in history. Going back five million years ago, Maug’s caldera erupted so violently that the crater collapsed, leaving behind three small islets and a lagoon. Maug consists of a group of three small uninhabited islands that are apart of the Northern Islands Municipality of the Northern Mariana Islands chain in the Pacific Ocean. Check out this unique experience.

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