Famous archaeologist, treasure hunter, and tomb raider Lara Croft is first on our gaming characters rich list, with an estimated wealth of over $1 billion! Lara has amassed this fortune mainly from inheritance from her rich aristocratic parents, estimated to stand at $1 billion1 and being the heir to Croft Manor also adds $991,087 to her net worth2. Lara’s infamous dual pistols and bow and arrows add over $1667 her fortune3, with her Land Rover Defender used in the 2001 movie standing at nearly $34,7454. And that’s without the annual $43,391 income she would be expected to earn as an archaeologist5.

Are you a video game fan? I know I am! But what if your favorite video game characters made their fictional cash in real life?

If Lara Croft and Michael De Santa lived in our world, how much wealth would they have? According to new research from Casino.co.uk, some of our favorite gaming characters are very wealthy.

Considering different metrics such as their job, living situation, household income, assets, and other streams of income, Casino.co.uk has estimated the fortunes of eight of our favorite gaming protagonists. The rich list is as follows:

Research Reveals the Real-Life Wealth of Our Favorite Gaming Characters!

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