Same here, it’s hot outside, so let’s make some delicious, vegan, wonderfully creamy avocado ice cream. Here are the steps to follow: Get 2 ripe avocados, mint leaves, and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix with coconut milk, honey, and a ripe banana. Blend it all together and once you have a thick, green smoothie it is time to transfer to the freezer and wait (impatiently) 4 hours.

It’s an avocado…thanks! Avocados, the staple of every brunch and possibly the reason why millennials will never be able to afford a home? I love me some avocados. I love them in salads, on toast and I could even devour one plain.

Love it or hate it, this delicious fruit boasts high nutritional value all thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals. The world celebrates national avocado day on July 31st! ‘How to plant an avocado seed’ saw a 1500% increase in the last 12 months thortful reveal three recipes that celebrate the avocado and go way beyond the avo-toast

But all that glitters is not gold… avocados are some of the least sustainable fruits out there, bearing the weight of a heavy carbon footprint. So to make sure you keep enjoying your favorite healthy fat and not negatively impact the earth, you might want to consider growing your avocado plant at home.

Luckily will launch a growing kit soon, which will feature a handmade ceramic avocado starter (available in different finishes) and a handy, hand-drawn booklet to share all your hard-earned avocado growing knowledge. Just add a jar and an avocado pit and you’re good to go. Now you are all set to watch your avocado plant grow beautifully. But for those who just can’t wait to eat some avo-goodness, here are the top 3 recipes that go way beyond the classic avo-toast.


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