LVIV, URKRAINE - JULY 27: A SU-27 fighter jet crashes into a crowd of spectators at an air show July 27, 2002 in Lviv, Ukraine. The two crewmen ejected and survived, but at least 83 people are dead and 116 injured. (Photo by Getty Images)

Each day is a blessing…but each day can be a little random and scary too.

I always wake up being thankful for the day and I always wonder what strangeness is associated with it. Is it national meatball day? Did a big crime happen or a world disaster? Or maybe this is the day that peanut butter was invented.

You might think I’m strange, but learning about the weird and scary events that happen in history intrigues me. So for today, here are five weird and scary events that happened to occur throughout the years on July 27th.

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