CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - MAY 06: A sign hangs outside of a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant on May 06, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. Chicken prices have risen sharply this year as suppliers struggle to keep up with demand, fueled in part, by the popularity of new chicken offerings from fast-food restaurants. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The big day is finally here! Popeyes Chicken Nuggets launch today. And we all remember what happened when their chicken sandwich first launched! Popeyes describes their nuggets as a ‘mini version’ of their chicken sandwich and which was wildly popular when it debuted back in 2019. The nuggets are available in many size options including a 4 piece and going all the way up to 48 piece meals. That’s a lot of chicken!

Popeyes has taken every precaution to facilitate a peaceful nugget launch by visiting locations nationally to help execute the plans for a peaceful launch. They learned from the sandwich launch with caused fights in line and even a stabbing at one location. I don’t need any kind of chicken back enough to deal with that craziness! That being said you could still have to wait in line so be prepared if you’re planning on trying them today.

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