MCLEAN, VA - DECEMBER 24: Shoppers packed into Tysons Corner Center, a mall in suburban Washington, on Christmas Eve on December 24, 2008 in McLean, Virginia. Retailers, fearing the weakest holiday shopping season since 1969, have slashed prices on items at stores across the country. (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

Concord Mills mall has a new policy that states everyone younger than 18 years old must be with an adult, someone over the age of 21, on Friday and Saturday evenings, one adult may accompany up to four minors, adults are responsible for the actions of the children they’re with, and you may be required to show your ID before going inside..

If I’m being honest I feel like this should have been implemented years ago and by years I mean when I was a teenager.  Children under 18 will always feel some type of freedom when they’re not with an adult and not being supervised.  Therefore they feel that they can do whatever they want to in that time.  I know for a fact because of the times we live in now and the things that have been happening I won’t let my daughters go to the mall by themselves because they are young females, you can’t control what others do, and did I fail to mention they are young black females.

I like this policy and I hope that it will be taken seriously by the mall and by the parents who normally just drop their children off.