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Beyonce Dominance - Beyonce led the Grammy nominations and is up for nine awards, including Song of the Year for 'Savage.'

Beyonce having new music on the way is a celebration in itself for the Beyhive. It’s definitely a celebration for me as a lover of music and a DJ.

Beyonce recently covered Harper’s Bazaar and she dished on what can be expected in the next decade from her.

As we all know, 9/4 is #BeyDay. It’s also her birthday and this year, Beyonce will turn 40! In this issue of Bazaar, Beyonce talked about wanting to travel without working. She also talked about wanting to enjoy her husband and her children. I can totally understand that. When you’re a supermom and an alpha female, you just want times to just be a woman. I get it.

She also talked about her being in the studio for a year and half working on new music and she said that it’s coming. I would be willing to bet she will drop new music on her birthday, do one last tour, and retire. Drop your thoughts.